12 marketing tips

Very good marketing presentation by rand fishkin. Interesting read if you have the time.

Everyone needs to sell something in life. I think the principles that is used online can be applied to the real world. To sell, we need to nudge but we have to be careful of over nudging.

soft nudge – push people gently in order to gain attention or to give signal. Don’t push them too hard. Make your message known in clear and concise form.

1. Employ social proof – testimonials. Eg. as featured in new york times, happy customer testimonials…etc.

2. Play the name game – be creative with your terminologies in your site. Eg use words like eg growth, connect, enterprise rather than bronze, silver, gold plans.

3. Anchor your audience – tell them the best deal like “most popular”. Tell them the benefits straight away, don’t be naggy. Use colors, bolded text to get attention.

4. limit choices – too many choices confuses people. just give a few choices. fewer choices led to higher conversions.

5. serve up numerical data – let audience compare prices. 90% twitter followers in 2 weeks. 99.0 satisfaction rating out of 100 products sold…etc.

6. Don’t make them think – quick and easy steps even if it means more steps.

7. The power of reciprocation – give freebies

8. Familiarity biases our behaviour – use familiar words.

9. brand recognition nudges clicks – people click if they know of the brand.

10. quality + consistency + repetition = good branding

11. use ego and competition to drive participation – “because of you, 20 people have taken the quiz.”

12. leverage the power of defaults.

Author: bpeh

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