bitbucket post hook sample json

Like github, bitbucket sends a useful json post data to a url specified by you if you add a post hook in a the bitbucket repo. The post json can be useful if you want to determine the file changes of the branch that has the change. example json is

[payload] => {"repository": {"website": "", "fork": false, "name": "repo_name", "scm": "git", "owner": "your_group", "absolute_url": "/your_group/your_repo/", "slug": "your_repo", "is_private": true}, "truncated": false, "commits": [{"node": "727a3b3c6b37", "files": [{"type": "modified", "file": "code/yourfile.php"}, {"type": "modified", "file": "code/yourfile.php"}], "raw_author": "your name <bernard@youremail>", "utctimestamp": "2014-11-26 04:13:10+00:00", "author": "yourname", "timestamp": "2014-11-26 05:13:10", "raw_node": "727a3b3c6b37f0b9c03fde57943f3f463a12f9e5", "parents": ["2405db2a7a94"], "branch": "develop", "message": "update deploy scripts\n", "revision": null, "size": -1}], "canon_url": "", "user": "yourname"}

Author: bpeh

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