Mac OS X Nears 10 Percent of Market as Windows Slips (NewsFactor)

NewsFactor – While Microsoft’s Windows 7 has been making tech news, Apple’s Mac OS X has moved up the market-share ladder. Apple’s operating system continued climbing for the third consecutive month, closing in on 10 percent of the operating-system market, according to Net Applications. Apple now claims 9.9 percent of the market.

Online Calendar Using PHP and AJAX

This calendar plugs in seamless with any content management system you are using. With Ajax, your screen need not be refreshed. The functionality can be easily extended using inheritance.

The full demo can be seen here – PHP Ajax Calendar and source code is here – Simple PHP Calendar Source.

Web 2.0 online picture framing application

Yourframer is finally launched after putting in alot of hardwork. The program is designed with flexibility and expandability in mind. Anyone can simply transfer an image from anywhere and start framing almost instantaneously by inserting a simple javascript in their site. Say, for example in my flickr album, I can frame any high res image with a click… pretty cool huh?

The program demonstrates strong integration of Javascript, Ajax, Prototype tookit, OO PHP, Smarty and MYSQL. Go over to and follow the link to try and frame an image online. Special attention is paid to usability and navigation. At the time of writing, the graphics is still doggy at the moment but some designers can probably do the job better. I felt a great sense of achievement and some relief finally… Cheers.

Ajax and search engine optmisation

Ajax is good at displaying different content in the same url. There is no way for search engines to index pages like that. What search engines need are unique urls. No matter how long the url, as long as they are unique, it is all good.

I heard there were some development in making search engines read ajax code… in the mean time, i dont think it will work after doing some experiments in a few websites. The inability for search engines to follow ajax hyperlinks is a major disadvantage to Web 2.0.

The are a few solutions and it seems that the most obvious one is to use utilise a javascript function to return false in the onclick attribute. That way, the page will remain static while search engines will still be happy. Search engines see the “a href”, ignores the “onclick” and follow the links… cool. The ugly side of it: All the hyperlinks look ugly.