Configure Mutt to receive mail via POP3

1. install ‘fetchmail’ to get mail from POP3 server.
2. under home dir, create .fetchmailrc and use following syntax (assuming no ssl)

poll [SERVER] with proto [PROTOCOL]
user [REMOTE_USER] there with password [REMOTE_PASSWORD] is [LOCAL_USER] here

3. Start getting mail using “fetchmail -v”

4. mutt tips:

# view html within mutt
auto_view text/html

# press I to auto fetch mail
macro index I ‘ fetchmail -v

In .mailcap,
# necesary for mutt to view html file within it
text/html; elinks %s; nametemplate=%s.html
text/html; elinks -dump %s; nametemplate=%s.html; copiousoutput

Note: all should be working assuming that postfix is setup correctly.

Author: bpeh

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