Google Adsense Scam – Tricky

I think this is tricky. the url might look ok on first glance

look again. the extension is .ru not .com.

Our system was unable to process a payment for your outstanding Google
AdWords account balance using your primary credit card. For the time being,
your account is still open, and your ads are still running. However, we
require you to update the payment information in your AdWords account very
soon in order to ensure continued ad serving.

Please update your credit card information in order to trigger our billing
system to try processing your payment again. If you plan to use the same
credit card(s), please use the ‘Retry Card’ button on the Billing
Preferences page of your account. Otherwise, please follow the steps below
to update the information in your AdWords account.

1. Log in to your AdWords account at:

2. Click the ‘My Account’ tab.
3. Click ‘Billing Preferences’ link.
4. Click Edit next to the appropriate ‘Payment Details’ section.
5. Enter your new or updated payment information.
6. Click ‘Save Changes’ when you have finished.

In the future, you may wish to use a back up credit card in order to help
ensure continuous delivery of your ads. You can add a back up credit card by
visiting your Billing Preferences page or visit the AdWords Help Centre for

Tip: You can review the status of your billing on the Billing Summary page,
under the ‘My Account’ tab. If a payment has been declined, click ‘Payment
Declined’ beside the line item to review information for that particular
payment. Once your payment has been processed successfully, you can view and
print an invoice from your Billing Summary page.

—————————————————————— This
message was sent from a notification-only email address that does not accept
incoming email. Please do not reply to this message. If you have any
questions, please visit the Google AdWords Help Centre at to find answers to frequently
asked questions and a ‘contact us’ link near the bottom of the page.

Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords. We look forward to providing
you with the most effective advertising available.


The Google AdWords Team

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