Guide To Writing Articles For The Internet

Many web experts will agree that writing articles for internet distribution is the best and fastest way to gain one way links. One way links are important to make your website rank well in major search engines. The way you promote your website or URL is at the end of each article where you write about yourself.
Knowing that writing internet articles is important for Search Engine Optimization and marketing is not good enough, your articles must be published, noticed and be able to generate hits for your website. If your only concern is getting one way links, then just getting your articles published in the internet is good enough. If are selling a service or want the reader to visit your website, then you need to work harder on the content. 

In this article, I am going to cover the key elements in getting your articles accepted by major internet article publishers, how to write succesful articles and get them noticed.

Finding A Topic

When most writers write their articles, they do not do any research before writing. Doing research before writing your article is the most important part of the article writing process because it determines the food for your target audience. If your website is about internet marketing, your obvious customers will be internet advertisers, marketing professionals and so on… Even if you are a good web designer, you do not want to write an article on web design because you do not want to attract the wrong people to your website.
Do some keywords search in google, yahoo or msn and you could see that many people might have already wrote something on what you had in mind. You could use those materials and ideas for your articles but becareful of plagarism. You could also try visiting forums to see what other people are talking about and looking for. A good idea for the topic of your article is to identify a problem, and write an article that resolves the problem.

Choosing An Appropriate Article Title

Your article title should hopefully contain the keywords your want for your article. Using the same internet marketing example as above, your article should probably contain the keywords Internet Marketing. If you can, make your title grab the reader’s attention. The best thing to do when trying to come up with an article title is to write the benefits that your reader will receive by reading your article. An example of a good title is “How to market your website” rather than “Internet Marketing”. Write down a few variations of the title and ask other people’s opinion. You will be surprised by their reply.

Writing Good Content

Most of the articles out there are nothing more than sale pitches or materials that do not contain any valuable information. Such articles are basically useless to the reader. As mentioned before, if what you want is only to get back links, you need worry too much about your content. However, with your reputation at stake, you might want to provide good information in the article and improve your credibility in the internet. What do we mean by good content? It simply means that your article must be helpful to the reader and in most cases, unique.
Unique content is hard to find. If your article is unique, many people will link to it and many publishers will want it. Writing unique articles is the key to generating great number of back links to your website.
Many people like to use articles as a way to promote their affliate programs. It is undeniable that this is the best way to do it. However, the bad news is that most publishers today do not accept affliate links. Some even do not accept html tags in the body of the article. It is therefore advisable not to include any html tags in the body of your article if you decide to mass publish it.

Publishing Your Aticle

If you want to make some cash with your internet article, then at the end of it in your bio, provide a link back to the page of the service or product that you are promoting and put your affliate link in that page. Use appropriate term in the link in your bio. For example, a www link like is not good enough. is a web page about internet articles, so the text link should be internet articles instead.
As mentioned previously, many publishers nowsadays do not allow links in the body, so many writers have no choice but to stuff links in the bio. This to me is a big mistake because experienced publishers do not want too many out going links from their website and if they see that you have 5 out going links in just one article, do you think they will want to host your article? I too host a few article websites. It is sad that I could not publish many good articles because there were too many links in the bio section.

There are many softwares or internet services that allow you to mass publish your articles in many article directories or websites which could save you alot of time and manual work. Use it. One advice though, more back links does not mean better ranking or higher click throughs. An article published in 1000 article directories might not be as effective as an article published in just one well recognized website.

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