H264 video encoding and transcoding using winff in ubuntu

winff is the gui version of ffmpeg (now superseded by avconv). Its the perfect tool to convert, resize and manipulate your video files.

Installing winff is easy, if using ubuntu/debian, just do a “apt-get install winff h264enc libav-tools” in command line.

Step 1: use avconv instead of ffmpeg

now I want to use avconv instead of ffmpeg. After opening up winff under applications/sound and video, go to edit/preferences/linux change the ffmpeg exec field to /usr/bin/avconv and ffplay exec field to /usr/bin/avplay

Step 2: Add new h264 profile

None of the current presets look good for h264 encoding. Under edit/presets, Add a new preset name under the websites category. In the preset command, enter

// refer to "man avconv" documentation on the options to use
-f mp4 -acodec copy -vcodec libx264

Step 3: now back to the main panel, select “websites” category and “h264” profile. Then change the video, audio…etc settings accordingly. Click on “Convert” and you will see a pop up terminal. The popup terminal provides tonnes of information on the video stats and debugging information should you wish to google for solutions.

I really hope there would be more documentation in this area rather than bits and pieces everywhere.

transmageddon is also good and simple linux video transcoder alternative but lacked the flexibility that winff has.

vimeo also provides some good compression chart.

Good luck.

Author: bpeh

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