IRAQ Get Rich Scheme

Another one of those mails… when will these things ever stop?


Dear sir,


My name is ( ABD-AL-RAHMAN) and this is an urgent contract.We have recieved an allocation for a contract to supply your company’s Product,

this is a Multi Million Dollars worth of international supplies to Iraq.

My benefactor in this project is a high level Iraqi Government official who

has mandated me to seek for your confidential cooperation and participation in this contract.If your company

is capable of supplying or help to re-construct iraq, You would be paid cash before you supply. If you can

assist us, then kindly contact me immediately via the details below,and make sure to furnish me with your full company

profile,full names,direct telephone and fax numbers,and include your direct email address.

As soon as we recieve your response, we shall get back to you with all details to commence.

Thank you.


NB:100% upfront payment for all supplies.

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