JSON is the future

Web2.0 is taking the internet by storm. The next generation of websites will all be developed using Web 2.0 technologies, ie AJAX. Though I still think that AJAX is bad for search engine optimization, I am fully supportive of using AJAX to create web applications. JSON is another buzz word that comes into the picture when we talk about AJAX.

I was inspired to write an introductory article on JSON after a long talk with my colleague designer. I have been using AJAX and JSON for a while now and haven’t really wrote anything on it… thought that it is a good idea to share the basics of JSON with everyone – JSON for beginners

Author: bpeh

Bernard Peh is a great passioner of web technologies and one of the co-founder of Sitecritic.net Website Design and Reviews. He works with experienced web designers and developers everyday, developing and designing commercial websites. He specialises mainly in SEO and PHP programming.