Chapter 2: WordPress and Woocommerce Installation With bluehost

Step 1. Get a domain and web host if not done already.

I recommend bluehost. Bluehost signing up process is idiot proof. After signing up, you should receive the login details in your email.

Step 2. Install WordPress

Go to and click on the “control panel login” button at the top right hand corner. Login and when you are in the control panel, click on the wordpress icon under the simplescripts.

Then, choose the domain you want to install wordpress in and click on the install button.

Enter some extra details. Accept the terms and conditions and click OK.

Voila, all done. That was quick huh?

Now go to your site and have a look. In this case, my domain name is and my wordpress admin panel is If you have just registered your domain name, it might not appear so soon as you will need a few hours for the domain name to propagate.

Once you can see your homepage, login to your admin area by going to http://your_domain_name/wp-admin. Go to the “plugins -> add new” and search for “woocommerce”. You should it coming up as the first listing.

Next, install the woocommerce pages.

You should already see a woocommerce tab on the left. we are not going to worry about that for now.

Step 3. Install a free woocommerce theme.

Go to woocommerce theme directory and get a free theme. We are going to get the Mystile theme for this exercise. You will need to create an account with them to be able to download the theme.

In admin area, go to “appearance -> themes -> install theme -> upload”. Upload the mystile theme and activate. You should now see the “Mystile” option appearing on the left menu. Again, we are not going to worry about these options for now.

Step 4: Installing dummy data for the shop

Go to “tools -> import” and click on wordpress.

Open a new browser tab and enter your dummy data url, ie http://your_domain_name/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/dummy_data.xml. Save it as a file.

Back to your wordpress window. Now upload the file.

Assign the author, check “import attachments” and click submit.

Now go to your shop and have a look. In my case, its For your case, it should be http://your_domain_name/shop/


In this chapter, we learned how to install wordpress and woocommerce with a selected hosting provider (bluehost). We have also installed the free Mystile theme and a dummy database to play around.

A bit of work but… Congratulations, you have just created an ecommerce website yourself! The website is now live and functioning. Lets start playing with the shop.

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