Mac nvrm crashing

Many people who bought macs in 2010 are experiencing random crashes with NVRM error. After a bit of digging, the problem could be drilled down into the nvidia card for the 2010 batch of macs. If you are using Nvidia Geforce GT 330M, you might be a victim as well.

“A number of people with 2010 MacBook Pro systems configured with Core i7 GPUs and Nvidia graphics cards are reporting an issue where the systems periodically crash with a kernel panic.”;title

Changing the hardware doesn’t fix the problem because there is fundamentally something wrong with the apple driver – not the official nvidia driver.

The best fix is to install

On the gfx status icon on the top right, change the option to “integrated only”. This will force your mac to use the integrated graphic card and not the nvidia card. Restart your machine after that.

Author: bpeh

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