Magento: Adding Downloadable Product To A Bundle

After googling for ages, I could not find an answer to bundling downloadable product, as in the downloadable product will not appear under the bundle items search section. After some tough digging, I noticed magento community version 1.6 only accepts virtual and simple product in a bundle.

the config is at app/code/core/Mage/Bundle/etc/config.xml, about line 103.

To get downloadable items to appear under bundle items search, update the xml to


Wondering why they only allow simple and virtual products? Perhaps downloadable products are buggy or not well testing if bundled?

One more thing, also make sure the downloadable product has “Links can be purchased separately” set to “No” as well.

A lot of people would be bundling downloadable product in magento… I hope varien would consider fixing this in the next update.

Author: bpeh

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6 thoughts on “Magento: Adding Downloadable Product To A Bundle”

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  2. Thank You.

    I’ve searched many hours to solve this problem. Sometimes i think Varien never used or tested the System before release… ^^

  3. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Have you tested this in a production environment?
    Any problems with using downloadable products in a bundle?

  4. Actually the issue is when you have a sample file attached to the download, cant have a sample for a file.

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