PHP Quick Calendar V2.3 Updates MVC Implemented

17 Jan (Ver 2.3)
* Made changes to DB. There are different types of link now.
* Implemented full MVC architecture. Well, you can’t escape from not using for-loop but at least everything is more organised. That is why rendering calendar can be complicated. At least the view file looks manageable.
* Major rename of file names and re-organised folders.
* Mass cleanup of CSS in demos. Removed redundant CSS.
* Fixed fillArray logic. User can now start the week with anyday.
* Fixed typos and added comments.
* Updated admin area.
* Added a plain calendar.
* Updated multiple template.
* Still not very happy with the controller… Man, I wanted to stop but my fingers doesn’t allow me to!! Have fun guys.

Author: bpeh

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2 thoughts on “PHP Quick Calendar V2.3 Updates MVC Implemented”

  1. I really like this calendar script, very easy to implement and I think Kim Kirkpatrick’s updates should be added in the next update as well (im using his version.. hehe)

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