PHP Quick Calendar V2.4 Updates

* Thanks kirk for suggesting a bunch of changes. I have implemented quite a few – too wordy to describe them here. If you are interested, see the evolt comments that kirk837 has written.
* Added category to events. This impacted the code and query quite abit.
* Added sms and emailing capability. Email alert is straight forward. For sms, you have to add your own code. See cron.php
* Updated admin to include new features. The focus on admin area is still on the functionality. Will work on the look and feel later.
* Made further changes to filenames. Added new css for longdesc file.
* fixed hyperlink jumpiness problem. Removed the use of # as hyperlink.
* Used single quotation instead of double in some places. Not really necessary but good practice.
* Added new tiny calendar template.
* Added new complex calendar template. I attempted to combine different types of calendar together and did some tricks.
* This application is getting quite complicated now. I didn’t expect it to evolve till this stage. But… anyway, have fun.

Author: bpeh

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2 thoughts on “PHP Quick Calendar V2.4 Updates”

  1. By email alert, do you mean that I can get an email alert on the date of the event? i.e. if tomorrow is my wife’s birthday, would I get an email alert tomorrow? Of course, I will not forget my wife’s birthday.. I can’t dare to.. :-). Please let me know.

  2. My other question is, can I run this on a Windows server i.e. IIS? I checked there is a WAMP framework that we would need. Is LAMP a pre-requisite? Thanks… I see that none of the open source systems have implemented the alert functionality. I could just find yours.. I would like to appreciate your dedication towards this. Also, it would be great if you can suggest some .NET based open source calendar where email alert is implemented. Thanks once again for the great work you are doing.

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