Quick Calendar: Using Other DB Instead of MYSQL

Using other DB instead of MYSQ is straight forward because mysql built-in functions are only used in 3 areas. The SQL are not perculiar to MYSQL and should be compatible with any other DB.

1. In config.php (about line 20 to 27), change the mysql functions there, ie instead of ‘mysql_connect’, use ‘pg_connect’ for example.

2. In controller.php (about line 54 to 60), replace all mysql related function there.

3. In QCalendarBase.php (about line 109 to 115), replace all mysql related function there.

If you are already using a DB Abstraction Library (such as ADODB or PEAR_DB) in your current CMS, replacing these native mysql functions should be straight forward. I chose to use the native mysql functions for now because I don’t want to complicate the installation process. My philosophy is to not make PHP Quick Calendar depend on external libraries to work.

Author: bpeh

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