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This project has been moved to github as of 3 Dec 2011.

PHP Quick Calendar is an easily customisable online calendar created in PHP and MYSQL. It is light weight and easy to install. The inbuilt MVC architecture allows easy customisation of calendar display. User can choose existing templates or create their own. It uses AJAX to refresh the dates, improving user browsing experience. Best of all, this is my contribution back to the open source community, so it is free to use.

If you have done anything cool with this calendar, tell me so that I can tell the world or maybe include your contribution in the next update.


  • Able to integrate easily with any CMS.
  • Light weight and easy to install.
  • Does not depend on any external AJAX or PHP libraries/framework to operate.
  • No heavy client side javascript. Compatible with all Browsers.
  • Compatible with PHP 5 and 4.
  • I think programmers will like the MVC architecture. Back to basics – not using complicated rendering engine.
  • Look and feel easily editable using CSS.
  • Does not depend on client machine date. Some people backdate their machine date and time and you know what happens.
  • Open source.


  • Need to have programming skills if you want to create your own theme/template.

Next Version Preview:

  • Improve in the process of creating own templates.
  • Improve admin UI.
  • Add more tutorials on how to integrate the software into existing CMS.


To install: do a git clone from:

PHP Quick Calendar in action – Demo
Understanding the software architecture
Creating Your Own Theme
Using Other DB instead of MYSQL
Quick Calendar Updates

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