Recommended bitrate for streaming videos

1000kbps for 360p (640 x 360px) seems to be spot on in most cases. vbr is preferred for http streaming, so it can be 750kbps – 1500kbps. we can still go higher for high motion videos. Many people use kush gauge as a rough guide..

Frame width * frame height * frame rate * motion rate (1,2 or 4) * constant (0.07)/1,000 = target bit rate in kilobits per second (kbps)

more information about kush gauge can be found here

Looks like the market doesn’t have any standard. Many enterprise businesses pump up their bitrate a bit higher to have better quality videos. We shouldn’t have disk space constraint. the only constraint is the user’s internet connection. The world’s average internet connection speed is 2300kbps (,15525.html) – a figure that you want to take note of when streaming videos.

good luck.

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