Speeding up vagrant virtualbox disk access

Virtualbox driver is very slow. You can google about this all over the internet.

There are 2 ways to speed up vagrant disk access using nfs, one way is to use vagrant-bindfs plugin and another way is the traditional way to change permissions in vm. This method outlines the later.

shutdown vagrant using “vagrant halt”
In puphpet folder, update config.yaml
synced_type: nfs
then “vagrant up”
If you are seeing mount nfs error, check your /etc/hosts file. make sure points to localhost

sudo -s, CHANGE THE ROOT PASSWD first so that you can log in again if things break.
change the permission for the /var/www (vagrant folder) so that they are the user_id and grp_id of the user in mac, for example,
IN your mac,
the user id is 502 and group id in 20
IN your vm,
vagrant id is 1000 and www-data id is 33
edit etc/passwd and /etc/group and change the id of 1000 to 502 and /etc/group so that the id of www-data is 20
change the own dir to that permission as well, ie /var/www and their files.
change the session dir, ie /var/lib/php/session
exit and do a “vagrant halt” and “vagrant up” again to test.

Author: bpeh

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