Docker Cheatsheet

Docker helps a lot in the dev process.

If using windows or mac, need to use a vagrant vm that allows nfs.

this will help u setup the vagrant. Once vagrant is up, shell in and run docker commands.

Remember to port follow all the relevant application port in virtualbox.

Here are some commonly used commands:

1. To build a new image from a Dockerfile

cd folder_containing_dockerfile
docker build -t username/app_name .

# if behind proxy
docker build -t username/app_name --build-arg http_proxy=x.x.x.x:port --build-arg https_proxy=x.x.x.x:port

2. View all docker images

docker images

2. View all containers

docker ps -a

3. Create a new container

cd website
docker run -d -p 8080:80 -p 8036:3306 -v `pwd`:/var/www/dir image_name
# if you use the --name option, you can specify the exact name of the container, else it will use some random cool name

4. Stop and start a container

docker stop containerid_or_name
docker start containerid_or_name

5. Remove an image

docker rmi image_name

6. Remove a container

docker rm containerid_or_name

7. Shell into a container

docker exec -it containerid_or_name /bin/bash

8. Use docker-compose now to manage docker installations


9. In your dockerfile, When you pull from docker library, you are running its dockerfile first before running yours

eg FROM php:5.6-apache

Good resource:

kickstart docker lamp setup