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quick and simple ajax loading or please wait screen

Traditionally, you would show an animated gif when doing ajax call to let user know that they have to wait to see some results. We do this by showing and hidding the animated gif in a div for example. Actually if you are rushing for time, a quicker and simpler solution is to change the … Continue reading

wordpress ajax login without plugin

most of the ajax wp-login plugins out there are offered as widgets. There are times when we we want a simple and encapsulated solution within the template files. All the javascript is encapsulated within the sidebar.php for example and we don’t need to clutter our plugin directory. This should be easily doable but I couldn’t … Continue reading

resolving jquery conflict with other javascript libraries

It is good to know that jquery can work with other js libraries… Just need to know how to resolve the conflict http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.noConflict