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My experience with Magento, Woocommerce and other e-shop options

Magento Magento has been a buzz word in the ecommerce industry for many years now. I worked with magento in my previous life and still get a lot of calls from many job agencies looking for magento developers today. The fact is that good magento developers are hard to find simply because having an in … Continue reading

Tips in Magento

Debugging Tips: 1. In your .htaccess, add SetEnv MAGE_IS_DEVELOPER_MODE 2. Under system -> configuration -> advanced -> developer, change current configuration scope dropdown on top left to main website, then debug -> turn template hints and block name hints to on. 3. We can log errors easily. Mage::log($var); 4. To display popup errors, Mage::throwException(“Your debug … Continue reading

Magento: Removing SSL After Installation

use magento_db; UPDATE core_config_data SET value = 0 WHERE path=’web/secure/use_in_frontend’; UPDATE core_config_data SET value = 0 WHERE path=’web/secure/use_in_adminhtml’; might need to clear the cache and do hard refresh after that.