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RHCE Exam Tips

I can’t find alot of RHCE study or exam tips online, so I decided to write my own. The list does not contain exam questions, but rather my personal advice on how to do well for the exam. Hopefully, this can be useful for anyone taking the Redhat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam. The RHCE exam … Continue reading

RHCE tips | My experience part 2 – Taking the course and exam

In general, the rh300 course itself is pretty intense. It covers everything about RHEL 5 and all examinable topics. I am predominantly a debian and centos user (also love ubuntu and hate slackware) and I find the course useful. Overall, I think RH300 is more suitable for experienced system admin. I will explain why later. … Continue reading

RHCE tips | My experience part 1 – resource gathering

I attempted the rhce exam in melbourne on Jan 2009 for the first time and passed. One of my friends asked me to share my experience and I thought it might be a good idea to do it online. If you are into linux, redhat certification is the way to go. While being redhat cerified … Continue reading