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Get prerequisite modules for a course in moodle

In moodle, we can setup dependency or prequisite for a module. Say if user doesn’t complete a quiz, he cannot take the next lesson. There can be a lot of criteria how we want to set this up. To find out if the user has completed certain quiz for example, we can run an sql … Continue reading

Get all modules for a course in moodle

To create customised menu, we need to be able to run custom queries. Say I want to get all the modules for a course that I am enrolled, a query like this helps. I’ve created a simple relationship table. Hopefully, it helps.

Creating a Moodle User via Web Services

We can do lots of stuff in moodle via api but I found the technical doc confusing and lacking… Here, we’re going to allow external system to talk to moodle via soap, in fact to create a user in moodle. Here are the steps. 1. In moodle, go to site admin -> advance feature -> … Continue reading