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Virtualbox – samba share from linux guest

vboxsf sharing from virtualbox host to guest is way too SLOWWWWW. Might as well get samba running in linux host and share it to the host. To do that. Need to 1. Configure virtualbox to use NAT. 2. Add a second ethernet connection. Choose “host only”. To add the host in the dropdown. You have … Continue reading

Installing SVN on a samba shared drive in mac

1. Configure the samba share in linux. It needs to have the “delete readonly = yes” line, if not, you will permission errors in .svn/entries when checking out projects in mac. so we need something like this: [homes] comment = LAM IT Home Directories browseable = no writable = yes # creation mode depends on … Continue reading

Setting Up A Secure Linux Authentication Server Quickly (LDAP + TLS + SAMBA)

Just like microsoft active directory, having a centralised authentication server in linux is important especially when you have more than one server or service to manage. Just imagine each service (ssh, samba, httpd…etc) has its own user database… Sooner or later, you will find managing users very difficult. A simple task like deleting a user … Continue reading

mounting samba share and finding samba ip in linux

following the samba/nfs post – https://www.azhowto.com/2009/08/07/mounting-file-systems-and-autofs-tips/ earlier, what if we do not know the ip address of the samba server? if you just have the samba server name say ri-fnp, smbclient can find it easily for you, just do smbclient //ri-fnp/backup -U user -W MYDOMAIN If you want to mount it, you will need to … Continue reading

selinux: samba and nfs

I find “man samba_selinux” really well documented. All the common problems associate with samba selinux can be found there.