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Advance SVN post-commit hook script for System Administrators

Everyone knows how cool svn post-commit feature is. Instead of using the basic post-commit script provided by svn, we can do alot more with a bit of server side scripting. Here, I like to share a simple script that I wrote to automate the process of updating different server system files using svn post-commit. It … Continue reading


Objective I want to be able to browse the svn dir from a website like http://zeus.dev/svn.php and at the same time, be able to checkout from the repository via http://zeus.dev/svn/projectname How First of all, install mod_dav_svn Then in the apache config, I am using vhost for example <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot /home/data/zeus.dev/apps/ ServerName zeus.dev # this … Continue reading

Quick SVN Tutorial

Create New Repo svnadmin create /home/data/svn/[dir-name] chown apache:developer -R /home/data/svn/[dir-name] chown 2770 /home/data/svn/[dir-name] Import New Site ssh into server to import new site to the trunk, svn import [your-site] file:///home/data/svn/[your-site-name] -m “[import comments]” View Available Sites In Trunk svn ls file:///home/svn/trunk/ Checking Out a Site Create a directory to checkout and use ‘svn co’ cd … Continue reading

Getting or reverting back to an old version in svn

people might think svn revert is the answer but it is actually not. To check out an old version of svn, svn co -r xxx url where -r is whatever version to checkout. To update the existing version to an old version svn update -r xxx url

SVN commits fail- Can’t get exclusive lock

this could be due to many reasons. If your data is in a nfs mounted drive, restart nfs and it should fix the problem.