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vim – quick tips

1. Other than using ‘w’ or ‘b’ to navigate between words, another quick way to navigate between sentences is to use the ‘(‘ and ‘)’ keys. 2. to show special characters, “:set list” 3. to show line numbers, “:set number” 4. do not convert tab to space, “:set noexpandtab” 5. convert spaces to tab, “:retab” … Continue reading

Windows file in Unix. Careful of ^M and how to replace them

I thought many people know this but sometimes, it is taken for granted and can cause hours of misery. If you save a text file in windows, you get ^M as new line. In unix, this can cause problems. I was running a script to dump a query into csv and couldn’t quite work out … Continue reading

Control S in vim hangs

Another vim tip, In vim, if you press control s and the screen freezes, press control q to unlock the screen. This is an xterm thinggy. cheers.

Arrow Keys In Vim

When you navigate using the arrow keys in vim, you might get some funny characters like A, B, C…etc. In .vimrc, add this line: :set nocompatible This should do the trick.

copy and paste between vim windows – stupid indentation

if you are using vim and tries to copy and paste between windows or shells, you may find that vim adds some extra spaces / identations to your code. Irritation? yes. The quick solution is to do a :set noautoident or add this in the vimrc file to make it a default.