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Speeding up vagrant virtualbox disk access

Virtualbox driver is very slow. You can google about this all over the internet. There are 2 ways to speed up vagrant disk access using nfs, one way is to use vagrant-bindfs plugin and another way is the traditional way to change permissions in vm. This method outlines the later. shutdown vagrant using “vagrant halt” … Continue reading

Creating Dev Environment

The idea is to have a production-like system within your system. 1. Download virtualbox. 2. Download a ready-to-go vm instance. 3. Expand the vm¬†instance to desired size. 4. In instance, create a user and setup samba share. 5. In virtualbox host, create 2 network adapter, one “NAT” and one ¬†“host only”, that way the centos … Continue reading

Virtualbox – samba share from linux guest

vboxsf sharing from virtualbox host to guest is way too SLOWWWWW. Might as well get samba running in linux host and share it to the host. To do that. Need to 1. Configure virtualbox to use NAT. 2. Add a second ethernet connection. Choose “host only”. To add the host in the dropdown. You have … Continue reading

Changing screen resolution of Ubuntu in virtualbox

ubuntu allows screen resolutions bigger than 800 x 600. To get this to work under virtualbox, some tricks are needed. # if not already done, install the desktop. sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop # once done, need to configure screen resolution. By default ubuntu only allows 800 x 600 or 640 x 480. # get linux … Continue reading