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Starting and stopping vmware in linux command line

One advantage of using command line is that you can start and stop the VM without logging into the web console. I am using vmware server 2.0. I believe it should work the same for future versions. To start and stop certain instance, say ares, vmrun -T server -h ‘’ -u root -p ‘yourpass’ start … Continue reading

Restarting vmware web access

sometimes the vmware web access just halted for some reason. A good way to overcome that is to simply restart the vmware web server, ie /etc/init.d/vmware-mgmt restart

extending vmware harddisk

1. shutdown vmware either from browser or console. 2. checkout the vmware-vdiskmanager command. The example there tells everything.

vmware server 2.0 quick installation

It is possible to run machines in vmware instead of xen. Vmware comes in handy when you have an old kernel that doesn’t support para-virtualisation. vmware server is now web-based starting from ver 2.0. vmware is one of the pioneers when comes to virtualisation. It is meant to be as stable as a rock. I … Continue reading