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Creating custom pages in woocommerce

what if you want to have a custom page in woocommerce? For example a page called abc under my-account best way is to use shortcodes. Create a new page under my-account, ie my-account/abc and put in the shortcode [abc_shortcode] then in functions.php now you need to create the abc.php file which can contain anything

My experience with Magento, Woocommerce and other e-shop options

Magento Magento has been a buzz word in the ecommerce industry for many years now. I worked with magento in my previous life and still get a lot of calls from many job agencies looking for magento developers today. The fact is that good magento developers are hard to find simply because having an in … Continue reading

one step add to cart and checkout in woocommerce

It is possible to add an item to the cart and checkout straight away in woocommerce without resorting to complicated apis, ie https://yoursite/checkout/?add-to-cart=product_id very useful to just link it from any website.

woocommerce: widget login redirect

If the woocommerce_login_widget_redirect hook doesn’t work, it is because the redirection occurs even earlier, in the core wp_signon function. so we need to hook on to wp_login instead, for example

Woocommerce: Allow users to extend downloadable products expiry after login

There are a few ways that we can protect downloadable product links in woocommerce. Option A: Limit the number of download per user Option B: Enforce Logged-in before download. Option C: Set an expiry date for the download link. Personally, I dislike option A and B because they are a hassle. Option C sounds more … Continue reading

Set Featured Image not appearing in child theme

Some parent theme switched off certain features which would affect the child theme. For example, the parent theme might have this line: this means that there won’t be featured image support for post_type other than “post” in the child theme. If featured image support is needed, the child theme needs to overwrite this feature after … Continue reading

woocommerce: getting paypal ipn to update order status of downloadable product to complete

Woocommerce has paypal functionality built-in to handle downloadble product. After the paypal IPN is setup, it should ping the merchant server on the status of the payment and update the order status from “pending” to “complete”. If you are seeing the “processing” status, it means that you haven’t check the right boxes when setting up … Continue reading