Tips for moving vbulletin to new domain

Moving vbulletin forums to a new location may not be that straight forward. Have a read at the official docs –

Some extra tips:

1) Ideally, manage everything from the admin panel, ie yoururl/forums/admincp. If you can’t login, it could be that the plugins are causing the problems. go to forums/include/config.php and add

define('DISABLE_HOOKS', true);

you should be able to login properly to admincp after that.

2) We need to update the plugins in the new domain. Login to admincp. Then go to plugin manager -> uncheck all items -> “save active status”. Now re-check everything again. Next, go back to forums/include/config.php and comment off “define(‘DISABLE_HOOKS’, true)”. Logout from forums and re-login again. Everything should start working.

3) If you still don’t have access to admincp, you need to change values directly in the db. This can be tricky but the only way out. These are the tables of concern:

– The plugin and settings table.

– The datastore table (this is the additional cache used by vbulletin during loadup. Need to edit them manually to see the updates.)

4) Cookies are a major concern. If cookies are not working, the whole forum cannot work. Make sure that your browser is not disabling cookies. In the settings table – do a search on the word “cookie” and update the settings. make “Cookie Domain” to null and “Path to Save Cookies” to /. Then update the cookie settings in datastore table.

Author: bpeh

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