vim – quick tips

1. Other than using ‘w’ or ‘b’ to navigate between words, another quick way to navigate between sentences is to use the ‘(‘ and ‘)’ keys.

2. to show special characters, “:set list”

3. to show line numbers, “:set number”

4. do not convert tab to space, “:set noexpandtab”

5. convert spaces to tab, “:retab”

6. when pasting and not wanting autoindent, “:set paste” allows pasting into the editor correctly. “:set nopaste” will retrigger autoindent.

Author: bpeh

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  1. I tried to follow your ttaroiul (Mac OSX 10.6). I created the .vim dir and the colors dir into it. I pasted the molokai.vim file, then I put the command :colorscheme molokai, I restarted, but vim doesn’t change the colorscheme. What can I do?

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