Zend QuickStart Error

If you have been following the zend quickstart tutorial at Zend site:


and couldn’t work out why it didn’t work… You need to check a few things. A few friends complained that the code aren’t working. How can you expect Zend to release something that is not working??!! Well, I was persuaded to go through the tutorial myself and it took me sometime to work things out. The guys expect you to know your stuff and I have to say the quick guide might not be as thorough.

If things aren’t working because the url parsing is not correct, ie the front controller is not working as expected, check if your mod_rewrite is correct. mod_rewrite works differently if you are using .htaccess, virtualhost, IIS…etc

Check out the URL Rewriter for different config at:


Then, make sure your directory structure is correct:

It should be something like this:

_ application
____ config
____ controllers
____ forms
____ layouts
____ models
____ views

Also check your bootstrap.php. It should be something like this:

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